Breast Implant Toxicity

It’s America’s number one cosmetic surgery and it’s safe. Or that’s what women are told… 

Many women undergoing breast augmentation surgery don’t consider the possible health ramifications. Doris, a health-conscious mother of four, opted for silicone breast implants and experienced health challenges for the following eight years. Even after her suspicions and research pointed to her silicone implants, her embarrassment over her perceived vanity kept her from sharing the possible cause of these challenges with her health care providers. Her search for effective and safe “explantation” of the possibly offending implants led her to surgeon and holistic doctor Susan Kolb.

Breast Implant Toxicity: One Woman’s Story chronicles Doris’s journey of recovery from silicone breast implants. Filmed with the cooperation of Dr Susan Kolb, radio host and author of The Naked Truth About Breast Implants – From Harm to Healing, the producers’ intent is to issue a wake-up call for women and the men who love them.

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As part of this film, we have posted a 30 min. interview with Dr Susan Kolb.
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