Fight For It

The story of the hippie girl who wanted to become a champion cage fighter

This fast-paced and entertaining documentary finds sweet and engaging self-proclaimed hippie and peace activist Leslie Smith swiftly rising in the world of professional mixed martial arts until she is sidetracked by an accident. Will she be able to return to the cage and deliver her message of peace in a male dominated sport?

It doesn’t take much to become a champion – just a lot of natural ability, determination, hard work and luck. Always with a smile on her face Leslie is also a late-bloomer as a cage fighter and anxious to achieve her goal

From Texas to Alaska, from California to Thailand we witness Leslie’s growth as a fighter and as a person. Full of twists and passion you simply couldn’t write a story like that of “The Peacemaker.”

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There’s no other way to say it, this is just one helluva documentary. I can’t say I was a big fan of cage fighting before seeing this but this film turned my head around 180 degrees. I spent my life in show business as an actor so I know film very well. I know if a story is told compellingly with vital, engaging characters and, believe me, Fight For It has all the best stuff in spades. It’s a great story about a totally captivating woman fighter, Leslie Smith, and her journey to the highest level of the fight game: her training around the world in the various martial arts, her endurance, her amazing commitment to the sport and her terrific personality. Obviously, I don’t know if they did, but I hope these documentarians went to church to thank God when they found this lady because what a find she was. Trust me (and my 46 years of experience as an actor) and get this documentary. I can guarantee you’ll fall in love as I did with Leslie Smith, this dynamite “Warrior for Peace”! – Jon Cypher

Fight for It is an engaging and inspiring look into the life of a remarkable woman of courage and drive. And it’s a fight movie, as well! The filmmakers will keep you hooked on Leslie Smith’s story throughout her struggles and victories until the end. But wait! She’s NOT done! See her fight on in many more MMA battles to come–across the nation. This amazing young woman is not done with the fight world and the fans just LOVE her! – JJCascade

I am pleased to say a movie that portrayed a sport I knew nothing about reminded me to look beneath the surface without judgment. MMA, or mixed martial arts, is the backdrop in “Fight For It” and it offered me a ringside seat to the power that one individual can have to help create change-in their own lives, as well as in those they touch. Leslie Smith’s touch packs a powerful punch as she makes the unheard of stance for peace and sustainability in a conflict-ridden world from inside a fight cage. Using her status as a prize-winning MMA fighter to inspire others (in this case, women in a predominantly male arena), she is a smiling, yet powerful example of how we can choose to rise above our life circumstances. In her travels, Leslie has recognized the need to offer this message not only in this country, but to struggling third world nations abroad. There is a place for venting our pent-up emotions without giving in to the temptations of uncontrolled violence, and Leslie shows how she has accomplished that through the sport of martial arts training, competitions, and living a healthy lifestyle. My favorite part in the movie was how she redirected her energy by working with kids and exposing them to martial arts, and through teaching yoga while recovering from an injury. Any experience life gives us can be turned into success, if we are willing to fight for it. Congratulations to Claudine Jordan and Tom Klodin of Ceze Films for revealing the prize behind this fighter. – Jonathan Joshua

This movie is Great! It gives me a perspective of what goes on for women in and out of the cage. I Love Leslie’s mission; “Fighting for Peace”. She brings inspiration into the MMA world and her energy is delightful to watch. She is always smiling and upbeat, and ready to improve what she needs to for the next match. Her loyalty to becoming better from each fight is impressive and she maintains a positive attitude with much enthusiasm! Truly rewarding to watch. Thank you for allowing us an inside view. – Kelli

This is a very inspiring film. Leslie’s discipline and ability to roll with the punches makes her a fascinating subject. The filmmakers capture her essence and got me interested in Leslie as a person and to see how she turns out as a fighter. They present twists and turns in Leslie’s story that kept me interested up to the last second. – Jim Jordan

Clips from the documentary:
Leslie Smith workout with Cesar Gracie in Lodi, California
Leslie Smith wins in Thailand
Leslie Smith and Aunt Mary in Oakland, California
Leslie Smith at adobe workshop – Texas and Mexico

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