“My goal is to educate people about the importance of growing cannabis consciously and organically. ‘Conscious Cannabis’ means to conduct your affairs with cannabis with fairness and justice for all concerned, including the people working with the medicine, those ingesting it, Mother Earth and all who reside upon it. To be Pono from the Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono – to conduct your affairs with righteousness.”
                                                                                              Applegate Jane


The Applegate project consists of three segments. 


We will be posting short YouTube pieces featuring Applegate Jane. Consisting of interviews and direct reportage these short pieces will cover many topics and issues. Currently we are working on featurettes about the recent fire and saving plants, cannabis strains and how they are used by different patients, harvesting stories as well as political cannabis updates and news.


Jane Fossen, aka Applegate Jane, is a prayerful organic grower committed to the medical benefits of cannabis.  She has a long history as a legacy grower in the Southern Oregon Region.

Legalization has come at a time when consumers have begun to question Big Ag practices. Conscious cannabis is different from “dude weed.” This film leads us through the four seasons of Jane’s garden, while explaining how to grow cannabis in a conscious manner.


It’s the little grower against agribusiness, greed growing vs growing with a soul. It’s the reverse side of the dream and it’s happening news. Jane grew up in Oregon’s Applegate Valley. She has seen cannabis go from criminal usage to medical. But success comes at a price. Recreational marijuana, the state, and agribusiness are threatening the legacy growers who worked years to legalize medical cannabis. Will the conscious community survive? 


“Cannabis is a sacred plant spirit. We have a sovereign right to access all plants upon the earth. Cannabis should not be “legalized” but rather “normalized.” It should carry no more regulation, taxation and penalization than the potato. It is a plant with the potential to heal every malady and should be readily available to the populace. Governments and corporations, if you care to consider them separate, are pushing to position themselves for the great take-over of the cannabis market. BigAg is in all sectors across the US. 
As is often the case with government, greed and in this case, canna bigotry, ruled the day and we are left with an unholy mess giving priority to large, out of state corporations, over-regulating small conscious cannabis producers out of the market.”
                                                                                                  Applegate Jane